Discover a highly qualified team

Alain Boisvert

“Everything can be done, it is to the IT solution to adapt to the client’s challenge, and not the other way around.”

Methodical, curious and avant-garde, Alain has become, over the years, a specialist in information technologies, dedicated to help his peers. Knowing the SMEs issues, he is entirely devoted to the resolution and the design of leading-edge software to improve SMEs productivity and management.

Alain knows how to create value for its customers, and he always knows how to offer a service beyond its customers’ expectations. Having a university degree in accounting and IT and more than 30 years of experience, Alain had the opportunity to take over thousands of large and complex projects. From conceptualization to the implementation, Alain knows how to guide his team to produce results beyond reproach.

Kinda Asfahan
Project Manager

“Yes, we can, we just need to try.”

Challenging, diplomatic and proactive, Kinda has been able to face numerous challenges at G2 Logiciels. After more than a fifteen years with G2 Logiciels, we cannot have a better experienced person in software implementation than Kinda. She fully understands the situation and the issue of each company, she knows how to direct the customer to the right technology solution. Her good problem resolution capacity and her initiative goes beyond the mere expectations. Over the years, she has demonstrated her ability to bring a company to another level.

With a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University and a certificate to access to the accounting profession from HEC Montreal, Kinda holds the best combination to develop growth strategies to help your company improve its profitability in a significant way.

Olivier Hamel
Sales Director
Business Development

“The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business is not a lack of strength, nor of a lack of expertise, but rather a lack of will”

Dynamic, optimistic and cheerful, Olivier always believed that it is possible to start from nothing and propel a project to a unexpected summit. He joined the G2 team only a year ago, and already proved his motto.

Completing a great team, he wants to contribute to the success of SMEs through innovation, and it is the reason why he decided to join G2. An idea that works, and that everyone can benefit from. With many experiences in business development and unparalleled listening skills and approach, Olivier is dedicated to build links with you in order to bring your company to a higher level.