The company G2 Logiciels will invest $250,000 in the development of an a-commerce web platform for mobile devices.

Commerce électronique Pneus et prise de Rendez-vous

E-commerce for tires and appointment booking

A new electronic commerce platform to facilitate exchanges with your garage owner.


Laval, March 15, 2016 – The Quebec company G2 Logiciels invests in the development of a new electronic commerce platform which will simplify exchanges between the customers and their garage owner. Motorists will, as soon as next fall, be able to buy their tires, and book an appointment at the garage through their electronic tablet, smart phone or computer.
This new e-commerce solution will be implemented as soon as June in a Quebec company at first, in a partnership, while the commercial launch is planned for September 2016. Many merchants will be able to offer the online service to their clients in time for the winter 2016 season.
“I wanted to simplify the lives of consumers by allowing them to buy tires or book an appointment for maintenance at the garage at the time and place that suits them, from their mobile device.” explains Mr. Alain Boisvert, president of G2 Logiciels. It will also be possible to incorporate the platform to the management software package of the company to facilitate the inventory management and monitoring.


G2 Logiciels will invest a total of $250,000 in the development of the new platform with the support of the Technologies Group of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).


About G2 Logiciels

G2 Logiciels is a Quebec business offering specialized business solutions, such as business management softwares and time sheets, to perfectly meet the productivity and profitability requirements of tire distributors and retailers as well as professionals for their work in progress invoices.