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G2 ERP – Mechanical Workshops – NAPA integrated

One less step: the inventory of NAPA Auto Parts accessible from the enterprise software G2

Laval, October 7, 2015. G2 Logiciels, the supplier of business management solutions (ERP) adapted for the mechanical workshops automobiles and the wholesalers or retailers of tires just to integrate its software a gateway to access directly to the command line tool of NAPA Auto Parts.

More Productive, Fewer Errors and More Satisfied Customers

The clerk or the adviser who serves a customer in a garage, do not need to leave the G2 inventory and billing system: he has access to NAPA Pro-Link where he can check without delay the availability of parts that the client needs, see the costs, and prepare more quickly and with more accuracy a quote for his customer. The shopping cart filled on NAPA Pro-Link is automatically transferred to the bid that he prepares on G2, allowing him to go directly to the order in G2, eliminating going back and forth between the systems, as well as the risks of error, and without making the customer wait unnecessarily.

How to take advantage of this new convenient feature

  1. If this is already done, open an account with Napa Pro-Link by following these instructions.
  2. Get the licence to use it from G2 Logiciels.
  3. Enter your NAPA Pro-Link account settings in G2 ERP.

If you are using the G2 ERP software, you just need to ask for a demo or to get information by calling 1 800 466-5518 or by e-mail at:

About G2 Logiciels

G2 Logiciels provides a business management software solution (ERP) perfectly adapted to tire retailers and mechanical workshops, which facilitates inventory management, quotes and online purchases with suppliers.

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About NAPA Pro-Link SE is a management solution for online order for commercial customers of NAPA AUTO PARTS.