More than 25 years of business management software solutions and time sheets tailored for businesses here.

G2 Logiciels provides specialized business solutions, such as business management softwares and time sheets, to perfectly meet the productivity and profitability requirements of distributors, wholesalers, retailers and professional services or groups. We have served and continue to accompany thousands of businesses so that they can adapt or update their systems as their business grows.

Our Vision:
Our Vision:
Each business deserves a customized business management software (ERP)

Increase sales and profits

G2 Logiciels role is to provide businesses with solutions that will enable them to increase their profit margins thanks to optimized management of time, resources, stocks and sales.

ERP software which is perfectly suited to your business

We offer the opposite of mass business management solutions (ERP) – thanks to our valuable vertical expertise, especially with regard to distribution, wholesale, retail industries and services or professional groupings, we tailor our products and our services to your business.

An approach with emphasis on listening to needs and consulting services

Over more than 25 years, we have seen a lot of technologies, and the fact we now welcome a whole new generation of professionals does not change in any way our approach.

We remain a company focused on fully personalized consulting services, on a human scale, and perfectly aligned on the management objectives of our customers’ businesses.

3 things we particularly love about our work:

1.We like to immerse ourselves in the reality of an industry to be able to fully understand the context of our customers’ businesses.

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2.We are pleased when our services or our solutions bring greater value to our customers, either in terms of saving time or money or increasing sales.

3.We know we have worked well when the suppliers or business partners of our customers come to us because they also want to get a specialized business solution from G2 Logiciels.

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Over and above the compliment, we are delighted that our customer can optimize its business even more, thanks to a collaboration and a greater integration with its key partners.

Thousands of completed projects for leading names of our economy who have opted to save by implanting a specialized and local solution.

ERP, time or time sheets management tailored for your business, for consulting services or tailored integration solutions and services, we have served thousands of businesses, small and large.