G2 Logiciels makes your life easier in automating your reports to the CPA


Laval, May 24, 2016 – The production of the monthly reports for Comité paritaire de l’industrie des services automobiles (CPA) is time consuming for your company? G2 Logiciels makes your life easier with its new feature automating the production of these mandatory reports.

The customers of G2 Logiciels who have the payroll module of the ERP solution can easily obtain the feature to produce the CPA reports by visiting the web site www.g2logiciels.com, by sending an email to: info@g2logiciels.com or by calling 1 800.466.5518.

Your garage still does not have the module from the ERP software of G2 Logiciels? Why not ask for a demonstration now and take advantage of the many other benefits of our management software package?

“I wanted to simplify the life of garage owners. Some customers of G2 Logiciels have up to 250 employees, and had to devote up to 3 days per month to produce the mandatory reports. For only $99.95 per month, the new module allows them to produce, validate and transmit the report in just one hour! The economy is substantial, even for the smallest businesses.” explains Mr. Alain Boisvert, President of G2 Logiciels.

About G2 Logiciels

G2 Logiciels is a Quebec business offering specialized business solutions, such as business management softwares and time sheets, to perfectly meet the productivity and profitability requirements of distributors, wholesalers, retailers and professional services or groups.    www.g2logiciels.com